The artwork that I create is a representation of my goals and dreams I plan on painting to existence. The vibrant colors I use on my acrylic paintings are a visual expression of hope, dreams & happiness. This creates a warm and comfortable environment for my audience to experience when they enter a room with these paintings displayed.
Every unrealistic idea that pops into my head is my call to action from the universe to paint the vision to existence. These paintings symbolize my passion for freedom that come from wanting a new horizon each day, with each radical adventure.
My art is inspired by traveling, love, and adventuring. The one thing these inspirations have in common are that it's always the small and authentic moments that turn out to be the most memorable days. I capture these simplicit scenes in my work by not adding detail, but instead making the colors vivid to express how beautiful life can be with so little.
I paint wooden figures in my paintings to create a neutral setting between the characters, where everyone is equal and no discrimination occurs. This allows the audience to plug themselves into the roles of the characters, and feel like they belong. They can then relate or create a story of their own, based off of the fantasy I have created.

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